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Nauticam ships housing for Sony RX100 Mark VI Photo

Nauticam ships housing for Sony RX100 Mark VI

Nauticam are shipping their NA-RX100VI housing for the Sony RX100 VI compact camera. In a departure from their previous RX100 housings, it features Nauticam’s N50 interchangeable port system. Other key details include a fiber optic flash bulkhead and compatibility with SMC macro conversion lenses. With the SMC-2 and the the cameras lens racked out to 200mm, the image area is 7mm, with a working distance of 35mm

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Paper explains location of whale shark aggregations Photo

Paper explains location of whale shark aggregations

A new paper attempts to explain why whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) gather in large number at specific sites around the world. Published in the PeerJ journal, it investigates whether the bathymetry characteristics of the aggregating sites are similar. Nearly all of them are shallow areas, close of deep water with steep slopes. The paper suggests that these conditions will produce upwellings events and an abundance of food.

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Mike Bartick: Effective Snooting

It wasn’t too long ago when Keri Wilk swept the competitions with his stunning macro images created with a snoot. At a time when only a handful of people even knew what a snoot was, he produced some show stopping images that were as ahead of the curve then, as they are today. Very few tools can actually add a new layer to your portfolio as effectively as a snoot can, they are relatively inexpensive, hard to break, and travel quite easily. In fact, buying a snoot should be thought of along the lines as a lens buy as they will add that much of a new dimension to your portfolio and skills.

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Florida holds public meetings about short based shark angling Photo

Florida holds public meetings about short based shark angling

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has announced that they are revising the regulations governing land based shark angling in the state. The goal is to restrict “cruel and unnecessary” handling practices that causes fatalities among protected shark species even when they are released. There is a series on public workshops about the issue and comments can also be submitted online.

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Behind the Shot: Joe Platko Photo

Behind the Shot: Joe Platko

Joe Platko has shared a fantastic shot of a harbor seal on the Wetpixel Facebook page. Judging by the number of likes and comments, people really like this shot. So we asked him how he got it and this is what he said.

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