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Adobe updates Photoshop CC Photo

Adobe updates Photoshop CC

Adobe has released a significant update to Photoshop CC. The latest version features the “Select Subject” funtionality that was trailed earlier in a Photoshop “Sneak Peak.” By using Adobe’s Sensei AI technology, this automatically selects the prominent subjects in an image.

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DJI releases Mavic Air Photo

DJI releases Mavic Air

Today, DJI released the Mavic Air. The new Mavic series drone is very portable, compact, and offers 4k video in a light-weight drone. The camera offers 32 MP sphere panoramas. A 3-axis gimbal and Smart Capture are also features. The Mavic Air retails for $799.

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Vancouver aquarium to cease marine mammal captivity program Photo

Vancouver aquarium to cease marine mammal captivity program

The Vancouver aquarium will no longer keep whales or dolphins in captivity. The decision came as a result of the Vancouver Park Board voted last year to prevent the aquarium from acquiring any new marine mammals for exhibits. The aquarium has stated that the intense public debate is hindering is conservation work.

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Inon offers three cold shoe mounts Photo

Inon offers three cold shoe mounts

Inon has announced a series of “cold” shoe bases. There are three versions, two offering rotating and swivelling movement with 1/4” 20 or M6 attachments and the third with a 1” ball mount. All 3 share a common cold shoe attachment, so are interchangeable.

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Inon ships X-2 housing for EOS-80D Photo

Inon ships X-2 housing for EOS-80D

Inon have made a version of their X2 housing for the Canon EOS-80D available. In common with other X2 housings, it is constructed as an aluminum casting, allowing for precise shaping. It is compatible with Inon’s port system, viewfinders and strobes.

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UW-Fotopartner enters bankruptcy Photo

UW-Fotopartner enters bankruptcy

Reports on the forum suggest that German company UW-Fotopartner has gone into insolvency. A petition for bankruptcy has been filed by its parent company, Horvath Innovation Group GmbH, by the district court of Tübingen on 15 January. The UW-Fotopartner website is showing blank pages and shows that it is undergoing “Maintenance Work.”

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Study shows tiger shark litters have single male parent Photo

Study shows tiger shark litters have single male parent

A new paper (PDF) in the Royal Society Open Science journal has analyzed the results of testing the DNA of 112 tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) pups from 4 pregnant females that had been caught off Australia. The analysis shows that each litter seems to have had a single male parent. Typically, most shark species practice polyandry wherein females are mated by multiple males. T

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Call for Entries: Ocean Film Challenge Photo

Call for Entries: Ocean Film Challenge

Do you want to see your film shown as a headline event during the Environmental Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival and AudFest? Now is you chance if you enter the Ocean Film Challenge. Hosted by Audience Awards and in conjunction with HATCH, it is now seeking entries from filmmakers showcasing “the impact humans have on the Ocean and the actions individuals can take to save the human race from extinction.”

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Fourth Element re-launches Thermocline using ghost fishing nets Photo

Fourth Element re-launches Thermocline using ghost fishing nets

Fourth Element has re-launched the popular neutrally buoyant Thermocline line using recycled plastic from ghost fishing nets. The re-boot is called Thermocline - Next Generation Oceanwear. The company announced its commitment to ocean conservation in the fall of last year as well as goals to become Ocean Positive and to eliminate plastic in the packaging of all products by 2020.

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Video: Indonesia from Below Photo

Video: Indonesia from Below

From the group that brought you Borneo From Below, SZtv (formerly Scubazoo), presents a brand new series titled Indonesia From Below. The series is once again hosted by Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski, but this time takes place in Indonesia. The first episode leads off from the home base of Scuba Junkie Sangalaki dive resort.

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