Series 2 dome diffusers available from CM diffusers

CM diffusers has announced the release of their Series II dome diffusers. The version for the Sea&Sea YD-D1/2 has been completely redesigned. All wide angle models are now being constructed of a new frosted material for enhanced light transmission and improved fall off from center to edge. CM diffusers are available for Inon Z24O, Sea&Sea YS-D1/YS-D2/YS-120/YS-250, Ikelite DS160/DS161/DS125 and Seacam Seaflash 150.

CM series II diffusers are now available to order and most are priced at $65 each with the Series 2 dome diffuser for the YS-D1/2 being $75 each.

From Facebook

OK! The new Series II CM dome diffusers are now ready for order. The Sea & Sea Y1-D1/2 are completely redesigned, and all diffusers now have a new frosted material that continues to allow the same level of light through. This new material is awesome. The previous version was excellent in reducing hot spots and the shape allowed the shooter a much better way to paint with the edge of the strobe. The Series II fall off from center to edge is even better now for artistically controlling the lighting of your underwater subjects. Now in our 10th year, CM diffusers are the original underwater dome diffuser which continues to be custom made. Go Ahead! Light up your life.