Live Updates: Canon Collective/Scubapix imaging event at Heron Island

Day 4

The final day of the Canon Collective and Nauticam-Australia Heron Island event dawned bright and sunny so we headed out to dive. The first dives were on a site called North Bommie, which had some excellent large coral pinnacles with lots of life. I am testing some close focus wide angle equipment, including the new Seacam 60D strobes. These are very powerful for their sizes and tuck right in close to the dome, which makes getting light on a subject that are very close to the port easier.

There was also some nice big brain corals with lots of life:

Stuart Ireland has been shooting a Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera is the new Nauticam housing during the event. It seems to handle really nicely underwater:

The late morning dive was back to the very productive Heron Bommie. As always, there were lots of subjects, including some very friendly green turtles (Chelonia mydas).

The Canon Collective’s Colin Baker putting the gear through its paces.

As we were planning to fly early the next day, that was the end of the diving for the day, so Stuart Ireland, Bec Peters and I set off to snorkel around Heron Island. We had some good encounters with rays:

We ended up pushing the gear across the beach in a wheelbarrow!

The channel proved very productive in the early evening light:

Stuart was filming and managed to get 8 turtles filling in sales in one frame!

The Canon Collective events always close with a hosted gallery exhibition of the participant’s printed work. They had lugged over easels, mounts and a large format printer, especially for the event.

The venue was on the resort’s terrace in the setting sun, with a musician performing and cheese and wine available!

The images and the setting were stunning:

The next morning was an early start, with a ferry taking us back to Gladstone with a 10 am departure. Just before we left, we got a few images:

Stuart Ireland, Bec Piper and Nauticam-Australia’s Peter Mooney

All that remained was acting the 300kg of gear back to Cairns:

Tomorrow is a change over day, with a 4 o’clock departure for a week in the Coral Sea with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. Very exciting!

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