Live Updates: Canon Collective/Scubapix imaging event at Heron Island

Day 2

Day 2 of the Canon Collective underwater imagine event at Heron Island Resort saw a busy day of talks, snorkelling, diving and socialising. Stuart Ireland has just taken delivery of a Nauticam EOS C200 digital cinema camera set up, so the first job was to get it trimmed off correctly in the resort’s swimming pool:

Some of the participants have limited experience of using imaging equipment underwater so the team from the Canon Collective have been providing guidance:

Of course, then everyone ventured into the water too try it all out…

The wind was blowing strongly, which somewhat limited the choice of dive sites, but as most of them are only a 10 minute boat ride from the jetty, this did not present any significant challenged.

The reef is mostly large healthy hard corals, with abundant schools of fish swirling between the bommies (outcrops). There are plentiful large anemones, naturally occupied by clownfish.

We had encounters with turtles and whitetip reef sharks, and the staff report that they regularly see mantas coming in to the cleaning stations. My experience is that when the wind makes surface conditions choppy, it is rare to see them.

We did 3 dives, with the last one being a shallow dive site called gorgonian grotto. True to its name, the site had some really pretty soft corals and sea fans.

As well as some photogenic arches and swim throughs…

After three dives, there was time for a bite to eat, before Canon’s Colin Baker gave a workshop on using Lightroom.

Throughout the day, staff and participants have been sharing imagers, ideas and stories:

And the staff have been hard at work preparing and maintaining the amazing stock of equipment that Canon and Nauticam-Australia have available for the participants to use.

A very full and satisfying day!

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