Brian Skerry named as Nikon Ambassador

Brian Skerry on Wetpixel

Underwater Photographer Brian Skerry has been announced by Nikon USA as a Nikon Ambassador. This accolade comes after he was named as a National Geographic Photography Fellow just under a year ago. Skerry is also an outspoken advocate for marine conservation.

From Nikon USA’s press release:

Brian Skerry – From warm tropical waters to below the frigid Arctic ice, Skerry’s images creatively bring attention to the diversity and beauty that exists underwater, as well as elevate awareness to issues that threaten these delicate ecosystems. Skerry is well known as one of the world’s premiere photographers of underwater environments and marine life. His work can be seen in National Geographic and other publications. In addition, he has authored five books and has won multiple awards for his unique work. In June of last year, he was appointed as one of five photographers named as a National Geographic Photography Fellow. Skerry is also an advocate for marine conservation, and frequently speaks to various institutions as well as broadcast news programs about the issues facing our oceans.

(Image by Brian Skerry)