Boston Sea Rovers 50th Anniversary Clinic

Hello, readers. Over the weekend, I had the great pleasure of giving a seminar on digital underwater photography to a broad audience at the Boston Sea Rovers 50th Anniversary Clinic. The Sea Rovers are a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of the marine environment, and are among the oldest of the underwater photographic society. While at the show, I received tremendous validation that what we are doing here at Wetpixel is working; numerous people stopped me in the hallways to thank me for the site and to ask various questions about equipment and techniques. It was very nice to meet you all! There are some photographs of the Sea Rovers Clinic on my website.

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INON UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens Photo

INON UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens

Inon Japan announces development of the UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens, the latest addition of the AD Mount Lens series, which includes the UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Lens and the UCL-165AD Close-up Lens. The UFL-165AD is a trim, compact underwater fisheye conversion lens with 165 degree maximum field of view. Focus range from the very front edge of the dome to get as close to the subject as physically possible. Close focus ability and extreme depth of field enable stunning wide angle and

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Jonah 10D housings ready to ship Photo

Jonah 10D housings ready to ship

Ocean Brite Systems and Jonah Housings are announcing the immediate availability of the Jonah Canon 10D Housing -- ready to ship, immediately. The Jonah Canon 10D Housing is available for the reasonable price of $1799.

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New Olympus and Canon housings Photo

New Olympus and Canon housings

Olympus Japan has announced the PT-023 housing for their flagship C-8080 Digicam, and the PT-022 housing for the C-760/770 Ultra Zoom. Like other housings in the PT series, the PT-023 features double o-rings and an optional PPO-05 port for the WCON-08D wide-angle adapter.

Also new is the Olympus "Warehouse Emon marine 3" software package, which merges EXIF data and dive computer logs.

Canon has announced the WP-DC20 housing for the PowerShot S1 IS digicam, the WP-DC 900 housing for the PowerShot A80, the WP-DC 800 housing for PowerShot S400, S410, and S500 digicams, and the WP-DC 700 housing for PowerShot A60 and A70. All housings are rated to a maximum depth of 40m and feature an integrated diffuser for the internal strobe.

Thanks to our partner Digideep for the housing news!

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