Report: Nikon Professional Roadshow 2019 Photo

Report: Nikon Professional Roadshow 2019

Wetpixel attended the recent Nikon Professional Services Roadshow and was able to get hands-on with the new Z series mirrorless full frame cameras. We were able to test the cameras’ autofocus with fisheye and macro lenses, albeit not underwater. In addition, Nikon was very keen to point out their firmware update will uniquely offer the option of outputting ProRes RAW over HDMI to the Atomos Ninja V external recorder/monitor.

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Adobe releases AI Driven Image Enhance in Lightroom Photo

Adobe releases AI Driven Image Enhance in Lightroom

Adobe has released significant updates to its Lightroom apps and Adobe Camera RAW. The biggest addition is an option of enhancing the details of RAW files. This is done by Adobe’s Sensei Deep Learning engine which interprets and correct issues created by the demosaicing applied by the camera’s image processor. Enhance Details is an option within the Photo menus of Lightroom CC (v.8.2) and Lightroom Classic CC (v.2.2).

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Flickr delays image deletions Photo

Flickr delays image deletions

Back in November, Flickr announced that they will delete images from free accounts that have over 1,000 images. USA Today reports that he deadline for this has just been extended until 12 March, due to “feedback from our members and complications some members experienced when downloading photos.” Flickr, now owned by Smugmug is offering an unlimited Pro account for $50/year or “simple tools” that allow users to download any of their content from the Flickr platform.

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