Wetpixel Lembeh Macro Workshop

Wetpixel ultimate macro workshop, Lembeh

If you are an underwater photographer I am certain that you will already know about Lembeh. The famous critter capital in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. But what I need to tell you is that this is a Wetpixel Expedition with a difference. Typically, Wetpixel runs photo trips for dedicated and enthusiastic photographers, but this is a full-on workshop. That means everything you’d expect on a normal Wetpixel Expedition, plus formal teaching, coaching and encouragement to help you produce stunning images.

The workshop is based at the excellent Lembeh Resort, recently named as one of the top 25 resorts in Indonesia. We will take over the entire resort for the workshop, so we can expect general macro madness! The timing is chosen to coincide with an especially critter rich time of the year in Lembeh, with particularly plentiful encounters with ghostpipefish, hairy frogfish, octopus likely.

Our focus in Lembeh will be macro photography. Lembeh has long been acknowledged as the benchmark destination, the place all muck diving spots are measured against. Lembeh’s cast of characters is constantly changing, but we can expect to see some or all of the following: frogfish, ghostpipefish, stargazers, mandarinfish, mimic octopus, wonderpus, hairy octopus, coconut octopus, blue ring octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, Inimicus scorpionfish, ambon scorpionfish, Rhinopias, seahorses (including pygmies) and countless crustaceans and nudibranchs. They are always finding new critters and the latest star attraction is a green hairy shrimp, although I am sure there will be something new by 2013. Check out the Critters @Lembeh monthly highlight videos to get a feel for what the team at Lembeh Resort have been finding.

The workshop will be run by me (Dr. Alex Mustard, marine biologist and underwater photographer) and will focus on macro, covering shooting techniques, creative lighting, positive space and decisive moments. We will also cover macro post processing workflow. Talks will be done after lunch, so that you can put tips and ideas straight into practice. Leaving evenings free for mandarin dives at dusk, night dives and then finally reviewing images.

To help you get more out of the event, I am being joined on the trip by Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon. Adam runs his own photo workshops and has an encyclopaedic knowledge on all aspects of underwater photography equipment. In addition, Lembeh Resort has an in-house photo pro Steve Fish who will also contribute to the workshop.

It will run in the same style as my other workshops. My workshops do not have a competition element because I feel that this really encourages everyone to be open with ideas and work together for the best photos. This benefits the entire group. On my workshops I am proud that you do not just learn from me, but from each other.

The group will not all the dive the same sites at the same time. Instead we will divide between several boats to avoid too many photographers chasing the same subjects simultaneously. This also means we will quickly learn which sites are currently home to exciting subjects and can focus our efforts there. Adam and I will rotate through the boats each day. Diving will be in small groups with the excellent guides from Critters @ Lembeh.

The dates are 12 - 23 October 2013 and the booking is for an 11 night/26 EANx dive package. The full package costs $3199 USD per person or $4049 USD (including single supplement), which includes the fees for Alex’s workshop. As you would expect, not included are flights and alcoholic drinks.

Bookings are being handled by Dan Baldocchi. Please contact him soon as places are limited.