Ultimate Indonesia 2011: Flores to Komodo, Indonesia

Wetpixel Expedition Announcement

Join Wetpixel in Indonesia in October/November 2011! We’ve chartered the live-aboard dive vessel MSY Damai II for 26 days to dive Flores, Alor, and Komodo.

The MSY DAMAI II is a luxury dive vessel with room for 8-10 divers (8 guests plus trip leader cabin). It’s a comfortable, luxurious boat, and the low guest count will ensure that we aren’t crowded in the water. The new Damai II is 5 meters longer than the Damai I is, and has a large camera area.

The Damai II has 4 singles, 2 suites (for couples), and a trip-leader cabin.

Trip leader: Wetpixel publisher and editor, Eric Cheng
(Mike Veitch should be onboard as well as host aboard the Damai II)


Oct 26 - Nov 6, 2011 (12 days)
$4,985 + airfare

After a successful trip to Beangabang in April of 2009, we’re going back! Beangabang features a sandy slope with algae growth in the shallows, but it happens to be an incredible area for mucky critters like mimics, wunderpus (and other octopi), bobbit worms, bobtail squid, snake eels, slugs, and more. We’ll probably spend 3 full days at Beangabang, followed by time in the surrounding islands. The weather is supposed to be ideal at this time of year, which means that we should have flat seas.

We’ll be photographing primarily muck and macro critters, but we’ll also be around some incredible coral gardens.

Trip 2: KOMODO (Maumere - Labuanbajo)
Nov 6 - Nov 20, 2011 (15 days)
$6,285 + airfare

What is there to say about Komodo? It is awesome—incredible critters, plus lush reefs. Hopefully, we’ll also get to go on land and play with dragons.

Although we’re planning 2 separate trips, we hope that most guests will book both trips so we are free to take advantage of the full 26 days to explore the greater area.


As always, Dan Baldocchi will be taking bookings. You can reach him by emailing wetpixel@underexposures.com, or by calling +1-773-564-9579.