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Wetpixel/Mustard Lembeh Macro Workshop 2018 Photo

Wetpixel/Mustard Lembeh Macro Workshop 2018

Wetpixel and Alex Mustard will be returning to Lembeh Resort for their third series of macro workshops in October 2018 . Very much a “hands on” learning experience, the workshop focuses on developing, improving and enhancing the participant’s skills as macro photographers. The images produced during the previous workshops are still being seen at the awards ceremonies of many competitions and in publications.

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Tutorial: Updating camera and computer settings for 2017 Photo

Tutorial: Updating camera and computer settings for 2017

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon provides a tutorial covering the basics necessary to ensure that camera and computer settings are updated for 2017. Included are camera metadata, Lightroom import and export templates and adding dated folders to keep the image library in logical order.

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New Year’s greetings to the Wetpixel Community Photo

New Year’s greetings to the Wetpixel Community

All off us at Wetpixel wish everyone celebrating the Gregorian New Year a very happy New Year. 2016 has been another amazing year in the Wetpixel community largely due to the amazing willingness of people to share their skills, time and experience so freely. May 2017 bring you amazing encounters, hassle free travel, phenomenal light and safe diving!

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Happy Holidays 2016 Photo

Happy Holidays 2016

Wishing the Wetpixel community a very happy holiday season 2016. If you are fortunate enough to be diving over the holidays, may your dives be safe, your subjects plentiful and the light perfect! Of course, we also hope that you will find time to gather with friends and family and enjoy celebrating the holidays together or just to eat, drinks and be merry.

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Show Coverage: DEMA 2016 Photo

Show Coverage: DEMA 2016

In an ideal world, the whole Wetpixel community would be able to attend (and many do), but for those of you that cannot, Adam Hanlon, Abu Mullens and Drew Wohl (together with a guest appearance by Eric Cheng) plan to bring the show to you. We will be reporting from the show every day, so please keep checking back for updates. If you are at the show and see us wandering around, please come over and say hi!

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Celebrating International Whale Shark Day Photo

Celebrating International Whale Shark Day

30 August is International Whale Shark Day. It is sad to note that this is the first such day since its inception that these amazing animals have ben classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Research suggests a decline in population numbers of between 40 to 92% over the past 75 years. The reasons for this are all human caused: Overfishing, catch as by-catch in net fisheries and ship strike count as the most pertinent causes.

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Stay tuned for reports from the Lembeh-Gulen Shootout Photo

Stay tuned for reports from the Lembeh-Gulen Shootout

This weekend marks the start of the Lembeh-Gulen Critter Shootout. This event will pit two teams of photographers against each other, one at Lembeh Resort in Indonesia, and the other at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway. The Gulen team is being led by Keri Wilk, and the the Lembeh team by Tobias Friedrich. Alex Mustard is co-ordinating the two teams and overseeing the judging process. Each team will be submitting images for a public vote, on the event’s Facebook page. Wetpixel will be on hand and reporting “live” from the event, so please stay tuned for in-depth coverage.

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Earth Day 2016 Photo

Earth Day 2016

Let every day be Earth Day! On this day, let’s celebrate those extraordinary human beings that dedicate vast amounts of time and energy to conserving our planet. If you are involved in an environmental project today, the Wetpixel community salutes you. You are a source of inspiration to us all and we thank you.

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Wetpixel Community Discount: Vivid-Pix-Prints Photo

Wetpixel Community Discount: Vivid-Pix-Prints

Underwater print service, Vivid-Pix-Prints are offering Wetpixel community members a special promo code that gives a 10% discount on their next print order. Vivid-Pix offer a full range of services including image printing onto canvas, metal and acrylic. The company specializes in printing images captured underwater.

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