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Images: Wetpixel/Sam’s Tours Imaging Party at ADEX 2018 Photo

Images: Wetpixel/Sam’s Tours Imaging Party at ADEX 2018

Wetpixel and Sam’s Tours hosted a image makers party during the ADEX Show, Singapore. Over 50 people gathered at Vatos Urban Tacos to chat, socialize, network and have good time. The party drank the bar dry at the original venue, before heading on to another bar and keeping on going until 3am. Fortunately for those of us unable to attend, Wetpixel’s Drew Wong was on hand to document the action.

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Clarification: Recent Events at Guadalupe Island Photo

Clarification: Recent Events at Guadalupe Island

There is a fair amount of confusion about the events at Guadalupe Island, Mexico that are being depicted in 2 videos that are doing the rounds at present. Both depict great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) entering cages during dives when there were divers in them.

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Report: ADEX Show 2016 Photo

Report: ADEX Show 2016

The Asian Dive Exhibition (ADEX) continues to buck the trend in terms of visitor numbers, with nearly 58,000 visitors attending this year’s show. Many imaging product manufacturers attended, and the show drew an “all star” contingent of still and video shooters. Wetpixel’s Drew Wong was on hand to ensure that those of us that could not attend are kept appraised of all the new developments.

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Hands on: Nikon D5 and D500 cameras Photo

Hands on: Nikon D5 and D500 cameras

Nikon Professional Services UK held their first launch event for the new D5 and D500 SLR cameras in Manchester, UK yesterday. Wetpixel was on hand to take some pictures of the new cameras and to report on the event.

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Report: BOOT Show 2016 Photo

Report: BOOT Show 2016

The BOOT show is the world’s largest watersports show. Among the 14 giant halls that the show occupies at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany, is hall 3, which plays host to the scuba diving industry. Further tucked into this space are exhibitors showing underwater imaging gear. Check out Wetpixel’s live reports from the event.

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Report: Silence of the Sharks Photo

Report: Silence of the Sharks

The first Silence of the Sharks protest dive was held in the Red Sea resort of Eilat, Israel. 87 divers dived together on the wreck of the Satil to protest the against shark finning and to raise awareness of the plight of sharks in the marine ecosystem. Further protests are planned around the globe, including a dive with 500 divers in the Mediterranean in October 2016.

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Show report: Dive 2015 Photo

Show report: Dive 2015

The Dive Show is the UK’s largest and busiest consumer dive show and attracts a wide audience of participants and exhibitors from the UK and beyond. It was held from 24 and 25 October at the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, UK. Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon was on hand to try and bring the show to those that couldn’t be there.

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The Goliath Diaries by Alan C Egan Photo

The Goliath Diaries by Alan C Egan

Underwater photographer Alan C Egan has volunteered to write a series of posts about diving the goliath grouper aggregation off Boynton Beach, Florida this year. Large numbers of goliath groupers (Epinephelus itajara) gather to form spawning aggregations, with up to 100 individuals at any one site. Given that the fish can reach up to 455kg (800lbs) and over 3m (6 ft 6”), it is an amazing spectacle. He will be updating his reports as he carries out dives, so please keep checking back.

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