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RED streamlines camera range Photo

RED streamlines camera range

RED Digital Cinema has announced a streamlined range and pricing structure for its camera range. Rather than offer different brains with varying capabilities, the company will now offer one DSMC2 brain with a range of different sensors. The DSMC2 brain is the Weapon specification and will (currently) be offered with Monster, Helium and Gemini sensors.

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RED announces Monstro BK VV sensor Photo

RED announces Monstro BK VV sensor

RED Digital Cinema has announced their new Monstro 8K VV Full Frame sensor for WEAPON cameras. It offers 2/3rd stop more dynamic range, can capture 8K imagery at 60fps, 35.4 MP stills and has data speeds of up to 300MB/s.

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RED announces Helium sensor Photo

RED announces Helium sensor

RED Digital Cinema has announced a new 8K sensor which it is calling Helium. At 29.9x15.77mm it is much smaller than the current Dragon sensor, which measures 40.96x21.6mm, but both sensors have 8192x4320 pixels. The new sensor will be available for the existing Weapon camera and a new camera, the Epic-W, will be designed around it in the future. The Helium sensor’s size will give greater lens compatibility.

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RED WEAPON Underwater Photo

RED WEAPON Underwater

RED Digital Cinema’s Sean Ruggeri and Nate Heartt have been testing the 6K RED WEAPON camera and the RED Optical Low Pass Filter underwater underwater in Cozumel, Mexico. The camera was housed in Gates DEEP Dragon housing.

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RED unveils SCARLET-W Photo


RED Digital Cinema has announced the release of the SCARLET-W 5K camera. Intended as an upgrade for existing SCARLET DRAGON owners, the camera features integrated mounting points, interchangeable lens mounts, simultaneous REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes recording formats, RED’S OLPF system and in-camera 3D LUT outputs, combined with a RED DRAGON sensor.

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New simulator apps for RED cameras Photo

New simulator apps for RED cameras

Kris Prygrocki has released two new apps to help people get to grips with the menus and settings on RED Digital Cinema cameras. Donna offers a simulation of all camera setting and menus (including Weapon and to be upgraded to include Raven). Dragon Scales catalogs the maximum frame rates and resolutions for each of RED’s cameras.

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Gates confirms RED housing upgrade path Photo

Gates confirms RED housing upgrade path

Gates Underwater Products has announced an upgrade path for owners of DEEP EPIC and DEEP DRAGON housings. Once upgraded, they will be compatible with all EPIC models, including both WEAPON and RAVEN. Both Gates’s RED external monitor housing are supported and it has been confirmed that WEAPON will allow tethered REDMOTE support, allowing for full menu access via the remote in the housing.

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RED announces RAVEN Photo

RED announces RAVEN

RED Digital Cinema has announced their RED RAVEN camera. It offers 4K recording at 120fps and 2K at 240fps with either being simultaneously recorded in Apple ProRes and REDCODE RAW simultaneously to a media bay that supports RED MINI-mag SSDs. It ships with a Canon EF mount and is the lightest RED camera to date, weighing in at 3.5 lbs (1.59kg).

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