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SAGA releases new close-up lenses Photo

SAGA releases new close-up lenses

Spanish manufacturer SAGA has launched three new close-up lenses. These are achromatic “wet” diopters with 67mm threads on both front and rear. They are available in +5, +10 and +15 strengths.

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Reminder: Ocean Views 2014 Photo

Reminder: Ocean Views 2014

The annual Ocean Views contest, run jointly by DAN, Nature’s Best Photography and Wetpixel is closing for entries on 15 December. The contest is not judged in categories, in order to encourage a diverse variety of entries that depict life below, above, and around the ever-changing ocean surface.

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Bite Back calendar on sale Photo

Bite Back calendar on sale

UK based environmental charity Bite Back has released their 2014 calendar. This features underwater images donated by photographers like David Doubilet, Doug Perrine, Brian Skerry and David Fleetham. Funds from the calendar will go towards Bite-Back’s “Hacked Off!” campaign to make Britain’s restaurants shark fin-free.

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