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Video: The Great Blue by Howard Hall Photo

Video: The Great Blue by Howard Hall

Howard Hall is in the process of rejuvenating his older films by replacing the old SD film stock with footage captured by digital cinema cameras at 4 and 5K resolution. The film shown here is an excerpt from Howard’s Seasons of the Sea, originally made in 1990.

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Video: California Dreaming by Howard Hall Photo

Video: California Dreaming by Howard Hall

Filmmakers Howard and Michelle Hall have re-released a short film filmed entirely within 100 miles of Los Angeles. It was originally made: “To present at a Reef Check fund raiser a few years ago. The event was in Los Angeles and Reef Check wanted to feature California marine life.”

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Video: Ocean Stories trailer Photo

Video: Ocean Stories trailer

Howard and Michelle Hall have been supplying footage and on-camera support for a new PBS series that is currently in production. The idea is that the series will feature 100 ocean related stories from 100 people from diverse walks of life.

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Video: Howard Hall’s Leviathan Photo

Video: Howard Hall’s Leviathan

Filmmaker Howard Hall has posted a short film of footage of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) captured at Vavau’u, Tonga. Howard cites the help of Whale Watch Vava’u and Endangered Encounters in getting the encounters necessary for the film.. The images were captured with a RED Epic and a Tokina 10-17mm lens in 5K resolution.

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