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Andrej Belic: Photokina 2014 Photo

Andrej Belic: Photokina 2014

Wetpixel member and equipment designer Andrej Belic presents images and a synopsis of the new products that were presented at Photokina 2014. Traditionally the show, held in Colognes, Germany, is the place where many of the major camera and accessory manufacturers present their new products to the public. Andrej is also in the process of designing a new housing which will utilize Wifi to control the cameras within them. In his review, he shows the first images valuable of them too.

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Norbert Wu reviews fins Photo

Norbert Wu reviews fins

Underwater photographer and filmmaker Norbert Wu, in conjunction with Wetpixel, has written a personal comparative review of many of the fins available for use by underwater image makers. Although not exhaustive, and by his own admission somewhat subjective, this is the first time that a serious attempt has been made to compare different fins and their suitability for use when diving for images.

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Diving into a new camera system Photo

Diving into a new camera system

Dan Beecham, along with Charles Maxwell talk about their choice of the Sony F55 camera for underwater use. They highlight the advantages of shooting both 4K and in a RAW format as well as how faithful the camera’s colorimetry is underwater. The article first appeared in the latest issue of Sony CineAlta magazine and was supplied to Wetpixel by Gates Underwater Product’s John Ellerbrock.

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No Take Two by Pawel Achtel Photo

No Take Two by Pawel Achtel

Wildlife film maker and innovator Pawel Achtel has shared his thoughts about his recent experiences filming for this forthcoming 3D IMAX film, Sea of Love. He illustrates the dedication patience and background knowledge necessary to wait in the right place, at the right time to capture coral spawning. He then contrasts this to the hurly burly of capturing footage of the breeding fish aggregations in the wild currents of Palau.

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Back into the Light Photo

Back into the Light

Wetpixel Moderator Steve Williams was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer back in November 2011. In May this year, cancer free, he returned to the oceans, diving in the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. I feel very privileged to share this article about his experience with the Wetpixel community.

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