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Mike Bartick: Reflection Tubes Photo

Mike Bartick: Reflection Tubes

Mike Bartick of Saltwater Photo provides a beautifully illustrated primer on making, buying and using reflection rings to achieve their signature circular reflection effect. He describes how images produced with this tool can be used to provide variety in a photographer’s portfolio.

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Mike Bartick: Slugfest Photo

Mike Bartick: Slugfest

In the next installment of his series, award-winning photographer Mike Bartick has written an extensive article about the recent Anilao slugfest, illustrated with his stunning images. The event added more species to the master list of species extant in Anilao, bringing the number recorded to over 1,000. In his article, Mike also shares a primer about nudibranch behavior and some tips on how to find and photograph these charismatic animals

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The Sharks of Protea Banks by Don Silcock Photo

The Sharks of Protea Banks by Don Silcock

Don Silcock describes the incredible shark encounters that occur at Protea Banks, off the East coast of South Africa. The bank is washed by the fertile Agulhas current, bringing nutrients and food that allows a significant population of apex predators. Don describes diving with blacktip, ragged tooth, Zambezi, tiger and hammerhead sharks and shares the beautiful images of his experiences.

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Maarten de Brauwer: Time to stop mucking around? Photo

Maarten de Brauwer: Time to stop mucking around?

Scientist and researcher Maarten de Brauwer is studying the impact that divers and photographers have on the marine environment. His most recent paper Time to stop mucking around? Impacts of underwater photography on cryptobenthic fauna found in soft sediment habitats was published in the Journal of Environmental Management earlier this year. In this article, he kindly provides a synopsis of his research and some guidelines about ways in which underwater image makers can help avoid inadvertent environmental damage.

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Review: Nikon FX wide-angle lenses Photo

Review: Nikon FX wide-angle lenses

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of most of the available rectilinear wide-angle lens choices for Nikon full-frame camera. The aim is to evaluate individual lens’s performance underwater, but also for this to be a reference for those seeking information about lens choices. As other test lenses come available, the tests will be added to, so please keep checking back for updates

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Interview: 45 years of underwater image making with Peter Rowlands Photo

Interview: 45 years of underwater image making with Peter Rowlands

For over 40 years, Peter Rowlands has been a central figure in the underwater imaging community. He is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, mentor, designer and innovator. He is also the publisher of Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP) and has just released its milestone issue number 100. Alex Mustard and Martin Edge have kindly contributed to an interview about Peter, UwP magazine and underwater imaging over the past 45 years.

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Guide: Updating copyright information for 2018 Photo

Guide: Updating copyright information for 2018

Wetpixel offers a guide for photographers dealing with how to update their workflow and equipment to allow for the 2018 year change. This includes updating metadata and watermark templates in Lightroom and a reminder to check camera and equipment settings.

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An Underwater Photographer’s Guide to Lightroom CC 2017 Photo

An Underwater Photographer’s Guide to Lightroom CC 2017

Adobe released significant changes to their offerings for photographers at their MAX convention last week. The popular Lightroom workflow tool has been significantly updated and a new version launched that is designed to offer cloud based access to the image library. To add to the confusion, the existing Lightroom app is now known as Lightroom Classic CC, while the new app inherits the name Lightroom CC. To try and add some clarity, Wetpixel adds a guide for underwater photographers, explaining the new apps and features and giving some ideas on workflow and possible issues.

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Interview: Dan Beecham on underwater filmmaking and Blue Planet 2 Photo

Interview: Dan Beecham on underwater filmmaking and Blue Planet 2

Wildlife camera operator Dan Beecham was the recipient of the BBC’s NHU bursary scheme and, over the past couple of years, has spent over 500 days in the field, working on the forthcoming Blue Planet 2 series. Wetpixel was able to catch up with him and ask him a few questions about the new series and underwater filmmaking in general.

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Guide: Diving Milne Bay by Don Silcock Photo

Guide: Diving Milne Bay by Don Silcock

This is the third in a series of articles by Don Silcock on diving and image making in the fascinating and often misunderstood Papua New Guinea. This article provides an overview to Milne Bay. If follows on from his first article Understanding PNG and second, Where to Dive in PNG and if you are interested in diving in PNG or looking for a new diving destination in SE Asia, you really should read this series of articles.

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