Light & Motion shows prototype Tetra 5060 housing Photo

Light & Motion shows prototype Tetra 5060 housing

Light & Motion continues their innovation in underwater digital photography with the introduction of the Tetra 5060 Underwater Housing for the 5 megapixel Olympus 5060 digital camera. The Olympus C-5060 was chosen "Best Buy" in its class by PC World; with 5 megapixels and excellent storage capabilities it is a great choice for topside and underwater photography. (7/1/03 Update: "read more" section updated with large image)

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DPreview.com Reviews the Kodak ProSLRc

For those that are interested in the newest full frame digital SLR for Canon mount lenses, check out Phil Askey's extensive review and samples.  From the review conclusion:

"Get it right, shoot RAW, good light, low to medium ISO's and be careful about the development of your RAW images and you really can get some mind-blowing good resolution with rewarding image quality attributes (good dynamic range, good color). That's just where the SLR/c fits in, it's certainly not a camera for everyone, it's not a point and shoot digital SLR, it's a camera for enthusiasts who are ready to work around its quirks and utilize it as a photographic tool."

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Underwater Housing for Fuji F710 Widescreen

Fujifilm today announced a secure underwater case to house the FinePix F710 Zoom, the first widescreen digital camera with the SuperCCD SR Sensor. Fujifilm's Super CCD SR provides a truer representation of the actual subject being photographed, revealing highlight detail and offering a four-fold increase in dynamic range. By using the innovative layout of paired photodiodes, the technology enables confident shooting in both bright and cloudy conditions, combats the bleached-out effect created by flash photography and increases exposure latitude - a great advantage in difficult lighting conditions.

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Wetpixel March/April Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our first Wetpixel official photo contest! All of us were very impressed with the caliber of the submissions, and chosing the winners was not an easy task! See the winning entries here.

1st Place: "Loving Leafies" by Dave Harasti (Dave H)
2nd Place:
"WWII Corsair Airplane" by (lidde)
3rd Place:
"The thing" by Dany Weinberg (BIKO)
Hon Mention:
"Free climbing" by Francesco Visintin (france_vis)

Winners are chosen by our world-renowned jury of photographers and will receive prizes from our contest sponsors: Aquatica, Pictopia, Ikelite, Gates Housings, Ultralight Control Systems, Marine Camera Distributors, INON America, and Fathoms.

Be sure to enter our official May/June 2004 photo contest, which will be accepting entries until the end of this month.

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Nikon: exit from compact film cameras?

Things continue to be exciting in the film-to-digital transition in industry. I always tell people that they don't have to switch to digital imaging right now, but they should be aware of what is happening so when they are forced to switch, they will be ready.

Excerpt from "Nikon Boosts Digital Cameras, Eyes Exit from Film":
"Canon and Nikon control nearly all of the nascent digital SLR market. They are also the leading makers of film SLRs, but demand is declining due to a rapid switch to digital models.

"Kimura said Nikon had no plans to stop producing film SLRs, but that it may next year start considering pulling out of the film compact camera business due to a sharp plunge in demand.

"'There is still the matter of timing, but eventually we will have to dissolve [the film] business," Kimura said. 'There really is no region in the world where you can do good business in compact film cameras anymore.'"

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