Antibes Festival 2004 Report

Excerpt: "Antibes is unique. I cannot think of another event that concentrates so many interesting and important people from the world of underwater film and photography in one place. But what really makes Le Festival special is, unlike just about every other event, in Antibes everybody has the time to for banter. In fact, so much socialising time is built into the program that when you bump into or are introduced to someone interesting you can go and grab a beer, a glass of Pastis or even sit down for a long chat over a meal..."

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Beneath the Sea 2005 Photo/Video Competition Photo

Beneath the Sea 2005 Photo/Video Competition

Wherever you live in this wide world, submit your underwater photographic entry to the Beneath the Sea 2005 Worldwide Photo/Video Competition. The contest deadline is December 31st, 2004. For contest rules and entry blank visit Beneath the Sea at their Internet site: http://www.beneaththesea.org. There you may see the images of previous winners, get a set of rules and regulations, and download an application form for this year

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Doug Perrine Photo

Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Doug Perrine

Congratulations to Doug Perrine for winning the British Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award!

Mr. Perrine's win is especially interesting for Wetpixel readers because the winning photos were taken digitally with a Canon D60, the first 6 megapixel digital SLR, in a UK-Germany housing.

Other award-winning photographs in the contest that were taken digitally include Charles Hood's photo of a great hammerhead shark (Nikon D100), Douglas David Seifert's photo of a white shark in Guadalupe (Canon D60/Sea & Sea), Jan Vermeer's photo of a great reed warbler (Canon 10D), and others. I am especially excited about these wins because I was with both Charles and Douglas when they snapped their respective winning shots. :) Continue reading for some words about the competition from Doug Perrine.

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Wetpixel May/June 2004 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the May/June 2004 Wetpixel Official Photo Contest!

The May/June contest was very, very close, and many of the entries we received were excellent. In fact, the winning entries were so close that we had to resolve 2nd and 3rd place by a third-party tie-break.

The Winners:

1st Place
: Mastigias Jellyfish - Mike Veitch (TahitiMike)

2nd Place
: Reef Squid Predation - Andy Heath (Andy H)

3rd Place
: bavosa nel buco - Francesco Visintin (france_vis)

This contest would not be possible without generous support from contest sponsors and our jury of judges.

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DEMA 2004 Show Report Photo

DEMA 2004 Show Report

I've finally finished Wetpixel's DEMA 2004 Show Report, and am just about ready to pass out.

James Wiseman, Craig Jones, and I spent four days scouring the show floor for new digital still and video products, and in the show report are descriptive text and nearly 300 images of the digital products that were featured.

Please let me know if you have any corrections and/or additions to the content!

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Wetpixel at DEMA 2004 Photo

Wetpixel at DEMA 2004

Houston TX - Oct 2004
Wetpixel administrators Eric Cheng, Craig Jones, and James Wiseman are in town through Oct 16th to attend this years DEMA diving expo.  Check back after the show to learn about this years new and exciting underwater photography equipment developments.

Update from Eric: It's 3:42AM, and I'm cranking away! Expect the update soon (tomorrow?).

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Sea & Sea YS-55TTL/E Strobe Photo

Sea & Sea YS-55TTL/E Strobe

Sea & Sea has announced the new YS-55TTL/E strobe, which is "the YS-55TTL/E is the first E-TTL-compatible YS-series strobe designed for both Canon digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras. E-TTL photography (available on Canon digital SLR cameras) allows electronic through-the-lens flash metering in digital photography, automatically providing just the right amount of light for perfect subject exposure." Continue reading for the press release.

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