NCUPS Presents: Big Animals with Amos Nachoum Photo

NCUPS Presents: Big Animals with Amos Nachoum

To start off 2005, Amos Nachoum, professional wildlife photographer, trip leader and NCUPS member will be the featured speaker at the January membership meeting. Amos will present images and stories from his spectacular world travels to every corner of the earth. From whales and sharks to penguins and schooling fish, he will show images from Africa to Antarctica. Many of these images have been published and have won numerous awards. Please take advantage of this opportunity and join us at 8PM on January 14 at Room C370, Fort Masson, San Francisco for this spectacular presentation.

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Jason Heller’s Tsunami Story Photo

Jason Heller’s Tsunami Story

My good friend Jason Heller has just returned from the Similian Islands, where he was scuba diving when the tsunami struck. Continue reading for his account of his experience.

Excerpt: As an up and coming underwater photographer, I had planned on spending the week taking pictures of the breathtaking beauty of the reefs and island scapes, however, I spent the last 2 days documenting the devastation, destruction and compassionate rescue efforts that not even images can properly portray. We have experienced the two extremes of paradise. The idyllic beauty and the sheer destructive power of the amazing planet that we inhabit...

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Pentax OptioWP 5MP Amphibious Digital Camera Photo

Pentax OptioWP 5MP Amphibious Digital Camera

Pentax has announced a new 5 megapixel amphibious camera called the OptioWP. It is only 4x2x0.9 inches, and features a 3x zoom, 2.0 inch low reflection LCD, 10MB built-in memory (+ SD memory slot), quick start-up, ultra fast nine point autofocus, and movie-capture mode @ 30 frames per second.

I've always been frustrated that I can't take photos of my friends on the dive deck/zodiac after putting my rig on. This seems perfect for a topside dive boat camera!

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EPIC Photo Contest 2005 Photo

EPIC Photo Contest 2005

EPIC, the Environmentally-aware Photographic Image Competition is now accepting entries for 2005.

Winners will be announced at the Explorers Club in New York during the Rolex Our World Underwater 2005 Scholarship banquet in April. The North American and European winners will be honored. Entry fees from EPIC are directed to the Our World Underwater EPIC Internship yearly.

The deadline for entries is extended to February 14th, 2005.

Entry forms, rules, and additional further information are available on our website at http://www.epicphotocontest.org or by contacting director Gayle Todd.

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Forum Problem Solved

Hi Folks. We had a day or so of downtime due to the Santy Worm, but we have since fixed the problem. Please let us know if you notice any other corrupted areas of the site!

Happy Holidays!

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Fix Light Review Posted Photo

Fix Light Review Posted

Digital cameras, and especially consumer cameras, have difficulty acquiring autofocus lock in dim lighting. Since light is removed by the water column, in many diving situations, it is beneficial to have a supplementary light source to help the camera focus. A bright focused light source is good for spotting, but it can be a problem as it may show up as a hot-spot in slower exposures. The solution is to use a lamp with a diffuser that spreads out the light in an even pattern. One such light is the FIX LIGHT manufactured by Fisheye in Japan . Wetpixel received this light for review and testing and I am happy to report the results.

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