UwP Magazine issue 85 available Photo

UwP Magazine issue 85 available

Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP) has just released issue 85. The July/August edition features Phil Rudin’s thoughts on Ikelite’s EM5, Fantasea’s G7X housings as well as Ikelite’s Fluorescence filters. Dan Bolt reviews the Aquatica E-M1 housing and Marco Montocchio the FIX Neo 3000. Jo Tepper writes about photographing turtles and Cristophe Mason-Parker about crown of thorns starfish.

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Ask the Pros: Split shots Photo

Ask the Pros: Split shots

Each month on Wetpixel we ask the pro shooters from our community for their input on an article about a topic that many underwater shooters have enquired about. This month’s topic is all about capturing split or over/under images or footage. These shots are amongst the most sought after, partly because they re very commercial, and partly as they are very challenging to do well! Our pro has excelled themselves and produced what is probably the most comprehensive volume of information on capturing the perfect split shot.

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